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 Talentless Politicians


I hate politicians because their only talent is in reading speechmakers’ words.

An artist has paints and a writer has his own words.


I have died a million deaths in the armies of the world. I have fought for other people and dropped through holes in their intellect. They should have protected me but they were more interested in protecting themselves.


So I become politicians’ mistake and the tail end of friendship gone sour cream in a warm room.


I am open minded to solutions but liberals are open headed to the draft of stupid ideas.  What fool could think that Opry Winfrey could replace Trump.  He is not show biz.  He is all biz and knows how to put chaotic pieces back in the puzzle.


He wrote “The Art of the Deal.”  She is the pig that squeals.  She is a diet that is surrounded by forks.


And she is backed by that empty-headed imitator—Meryl Streep.  Meryl She is a puppet, a wooden head.  She imitates while Oprah Winfrey slobbers.

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