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Americans are not happy with how President Biden is leading the country. According to a new poll by CBS/YouGov only 4% of Americans think the country is doing “very well.”

According to The Daily Wire:

Some 70% said things are going “very badly” or “somewhat badly” while 26% said things are going “somewhat well.”

And just 4% said the economy is “very good.” Some 64% said the economy is “very bad” or “fairly bad,” with just 26% saying the economy is “fairly good.”

The poll puts Biden’s job approval rating at 44%, and he gets negative scores for his handling of inflation (67%), immigration (64%), the economy (61%), foreign policy (58%), and race relations (56%).

“Gas prices are a particular reason people cite for why they think the overall economy is bad — and that’s another window into how people process and measure what exactly the ‘economy’ is when asked to evaluate it, focusing at the moment on things of immediate cost and concern. About half of Americans are at least somewhat concerned about their ability to afford gas right now,” CBS said.

As Biden continues to send the country downward more and more Americans are pushing him not to run for a second term. Will he listen?

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