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The competition for Tesla, and its “Full Self Driving”, is on its way.

Just this morning Porsche announced it would be entering into a strategic collaboration with Mobileye to include the company’s “premium advanced driver assistance systems in future Porsche production models”. 

The partnership “builds on our strategy of advancing autonomy through evolution, starting from today’s eyes-on, hands-on driver assist systems through SuperVision-based systems that enable hands-off operation for identified use cases, leading to eventual eyes-off, hands-off autonomy,” Mobileye wrote on Tuesday morning.

Prof. Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye commented: “We are excited to collaborate with Porsche on bringing the next generation of driving technology to customers worldwide. We share Porsche’s goal of improving the driving experience through world-class technological innovation. 

“Mobileye SuperVision™ system was designed to enhance safety through the synergetic interaction of driver and vehicle, as well as enhance the driving experience itself, by giving drivers greater freedom to choose how they want to engage with the road, and when they want to let the vehicle handle basic driving tasks,” the company wrote in a press release.  

Michael Steiner, board member for research and development at Porsche and head of development at Volkswagen Group, told Bloomberg: The technology “can aid the driver in everyday situations, for example by not having to keep their hands on the wheel the entire time in traffic jams.”

Mobileye’s system uses 11 cameras and radar-fusion perception, along with AI to help perform driver assistance features. 

Details on the financials of the deal were not disclosed. The announcement comes at a time when Tesla’s FSD has been increasingly scrutinized by regulators in the United States. 


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