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UPDATED 11:20 AM PT — Thurs. Dec. 6, 2018

Calls to increase border security and build the wall are ramping after an illegal immigrant from the migrant caravan scaled a barrier to give birth in the U.S.

The planned illegal entry is reigniting anger over so-called ‘anchor babies,’ and shedding light on the need to reform immigration procedures and laws.

President Trump has called for an end to birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants as well as an end to ‘catch-and-release.’ He believes these changes would help deter illegal aliens from breaking the law and being rewarded.

The situation is a prime example of the 19-year-old from Honduras, who gave birth in the U.S. last week — calling it her “big reward for her journey.” The Honduran woman was determined to give birth to her second child in the United States.

Maryury Elizabeth Serrano-Hernandez traveled thousands of miles from her home country with her husband and their two-year-old son. She was more than seven-months pregnant when they began their journey. They arrived in Tijuana late last month., where thousands of other migrants have gathered hoping to cross in the U.S.

The migrant family told Univision that the situation in Tijuana was getting worse by the day and, while they didn’t want to risk the safety of their son and unborn child, they were tired of waiting.

The family crossed over the border into San Diego, where they were met by Border Patrol agents, who demanded they return to Tijuana. After refusing and asking for asylum, the family was taken to the Imperial Beach Station in San Diego County for processing.

During that time, Maryury began experiencing abdominal pain and was taken to a hospital by Border Patrol agents. Less than 24-hours after landing in the U.S., she gave birth.

“I always had faith, I would say he’s going to be born there, because he will be born there,” said Maryury.

Border Patrol said the family was placed into immigration proceedings and released a few days later.

Maryury said while the journey was grueling, it all paid off in the end.

“After everything I went through, in the end, thank God, it was a big reward,” she stated.

However, the birth is likely to spark a new debate about birthright citizenship, which President Trump has threatened to end with an executive order.

The Trump administration has also vowed to stop migrants from entering the country illegally, and has sent thousand of troops to patrol the border. The mission was expected to end this month, but was extended through the end of January by Defense Secretary James Mattis.

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