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A man places flowers at a memorial Wednesday, June 15, 2022, outside El Monte City Hall for two police officers who were shot and killed Tuesday, at a motel in El Monte, Calif. The two police officers were killed in a shootout while investigating a possible stabbing in the suburban Los Angeles motel, and the suspect died at the scene, authorities said. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

UPDATED 2:15 PM PT – Friday, June 17 2022

At least 150 police officers have been shot this year. That’s according to a report by Fox News that shared out of those shot, at least 24 were killed in the line of duty. Data also shows shootings of police officers are up 10 percent this year.

“This is not the time to lose police officers,” said retired NYPD detective Michael Alcazar. “Historically, summer months are always the highest in crime, highs in shootings and highs in homicides. We’re on track to hit that also and we have been losing a lot of police officers.”

Alcazar voiced that academy student constantly ask him for advice. He stated he does not give them advice because it’s a “life decision they have to make for themselves,” but he recommended they do not get into policing if they aren’t ready for it. In previous years, police officers stay in the job for decades until they can retire, but recent data shows more members of law enforcement are retiring earlier.

“It’s something I’ve actually never experienced or heard of where police officers are actually quitting in the police academy, quitting before they hit their 20 years,” Alcazar expressed. “Then when you have the senior people that are eligible for retirement, meaning they’ve done their 20 years, when they’re eligible to retire, they retire.”


Police have expressed a nationwide shortage as more than 1,500 officers have resigned or retired this year in New York City alone. This comes as the National Police Association said law enforcement morale is low and anti-police sentiment in “woke” cities remain high.

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