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‘We won’t go quietly into the night’

The East Room of the White House on Feb. 7, 2022. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

A Republican candidate for president is scorching the Republican National Committee for allegedly rigging the rules for debate participation in the first match-up, precluding his presence on the stage.

“The establishment rigged the rules at the last minute,” writes Larry Elder in a new column Sunday, “claiming one of the polls that our campaign submitted for qualification was rejected on the basis that it was affiliated with Donald Trump’s campaign, although the pollster denied any affiliation with the Trump campaign. Republican insiders not only barred me from the stage, but also banned my campaign team from entering the venue.”

“This simply cannot happen again, and we won’t go quietly into the night.”

“Our campaign recently launched a half-million-dollar advertising blitz to hold the RNC accountable, in addition to sending its leadership a letter that urges fairness, transparency, and equal opportunity for the upcoming debate.”

The radio host, best-selling author and longtime WND columnist indicated, “Campaigns like ours need to know – with 100% certainty – which polls are approved and which are not, among other qualifying (or disqualifying) factors.

“The Republicans running for president in 2024 are committed to participating in a fair, informative debate that allows for a comprehensive exploration of the issues at hand. The RNC should hold itself to the same standard, showcasing free expression and full participation. Any vagueness or 11th-hour chicanery undermines our efforts to get America back on track and expose the Democrats who are responsible for our decline. We’ve got a country to save, and any interference from the Washington establishment is only holding us back. This election is not the RNC’s to swing one way or the other.

“Given that the second debate will be held in my home state (at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library), I have every intention of participating come Sept. 27th, and our campaign is on track to meet or exceed the qualifications—yet again. Millions of Americans – and not only Republicans – want me to participate, highlighting issues like fatherlessness, crime, and the myth of systemic racism. In recent weeks, we have heard from countless voters who are discouraged and jaded by the RNC’s abuse of power, especially after detached, cynical politicians have failed to serve their constituents for decades.”

On the day before the first Republican debate in Milwaukee Aug. 23, Elder famously said from the Los Angeles International Airport, “”This is absolutely B.S.,” as he had just learned about his exclusion while traveling to the venue.

“It is designed, in my opinion, to ensure that [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis is the nominee – anybody other than Trump. This is B.S.”

On Sunday, Elder said the stakes are high in the 2024 election.

“If we are to reverse America’s decline and enter a new American Golden Age, the American people need open debate now more than ever before. We must discuss the issues and agree on solutions to our many problems, not only at the second debate, but in the years ahead. The hard work starts now.”

“As Americans, we cannot allow the establishment to continue America’s decline. Our decline is only inevitable if we trust in the wrong leaders, and I’ve had enough of doing that in a blue state. That’s why I’m fighting back against the Washington establishment harder than any other candidate who will be on the debate stage this month.”

“This fight isn’t just about me. Ours is a fight for the democracy, freedom, and equality of opportunity that have come to define American prosperity over the centuries. We are fighting for America’s soul.

“Let’s vote no on the establishment. Let’s vote yes to free speech, democratic debate, and fairness for all involved.”


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