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Football star Toni Kroos told a ZDF podcast that Germany is no longer the country it was 10 years ago due to mass migration and that he is staying in Spain because he is afraid to let his daughter go out at night in German cities.

Kroos, who won 114 caps before retiring from professional football on Friday night after his country’s defeat to Spain at Euro 2024, made the comments during an appearance on the ‘Lanz & Precht’ podcast.

The man dubbed Germany’s most successful ever player has been living in Spain for the last decade while playing for Real Madrid.

Kroos said he will be staying in Spain with his family despite his football career there coming to an end because Germany is no longer the same country that “it was ten years ago when we left.”

Compared to Spain, Kroos said he felt more uneasy about letting his daughter go out “at 11pm in a big German city.”

The former World Cup winner said the issue of mass migration was “constantly present” in Germany and that it had become too “uncontrolled”.

Kroos said that some immigrants were good people but that, “If you cannot distinguish them from those who are not good for us, it will be difficult in the end. Then the attitude of the Germans will become more and more divided.”

Podcast host Markus Lanz agreed with Kroos that, “There are problems everywhere. It’s too crowded, there’s too much,” and that people shouldn’t be vilified as racists for talking about it.

As we previously highlighted, foreign migrant suspects are responsible for nearly 6 in 10 violent crimes in Germany according to new figures released by the federal government.

Despite comprising roughly 14.6 per cent of the population, foreign migrants were responsible for 58.5 per cent of all violent crimes.

High profile figures, including politicians, have been prosecuted by German authorities for comments drawing attention to the problem, while the political establishment is continuing in its efforts to ban the anti-migration right-wing AfD party in the name of ‘saving democracy’.

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