Let’s be very, very clear about something.  Stormy Daniels’ only motive in her newfound push to diss our President is all about the money.

While this may seem rude, it needs to be said:  In Stormy’s chosen career, there is an issue of longevity.  Opportunities will dwindle for the former starlet as her age begins to become undeniable, and not everyone who works in Stormy’s chosen industry is excellent with their money.  The lifestyle likely takes them down a path of further debauchery…and I don’t mean in the bedroom, but in their everyday lives.

Again, I’m not judging.  I’m a pursuit of happiness sort of guy, but it needs to be stated, for the record, that Stormy Daniels’ will not be given more money making opportunities as the inevitable procession of time continues.

So, what’s a girl to do?  Cash in on her previous work as a side-chick for a future President, apparently.

Her “Make America Horny Again” tour was apparently just the beginning, as Daniels has now announced the forthcoming release of a book about her alleged affair with the President.

Porn star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) announced on Wednesday that she’ll be releasing a tell-all book next month to include details of her alleged sexual encounter with a then-married Donald Trump.

“Full Disclosure,” a “memoir” overtly motivated by money and politics, has been dubbed an “October surprise” by Politico.

“I have a book coming out October 2,” gushed the porn star, promising that “there’s a lot” she will be disclosing about the president. “It’s full disclosure. That’s why I named it that,” said Daniels, explaining to “The View” co-host Joy Behar that she’ll “give details of that night in the hotel” with Trump.

“That will be juicy,” said an approving Behar.

Hat’s off to Daily Wire author Amanda Prestigiacomo for working the phrase “gushed the porn star” into her article about a book on the President.



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