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The latest report from the Institute for Economics and Peace estimates that in 2022, 6,701 deaths were caused by terrorism, globally.

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong notes, despite this high figure, this is 38 percent lower than the level recorded in 2015 and represents a 9 percent decrease on 2021.

The deaths in 2022 occurred across 42 countries, with 121 of the countries included in the report registering no fatalities – the highest number since 2007.

This infographic, using data from The Institute for Economics and Peace’s report ‘Global Terrorism Index 2023‘, gives an overview of how the globe is currently impacted by terrorism. 

You will find more infographics at Statista

Afghanistan is rated as the worst impacted nation in the world.

As noted in the report, however:

“Terrorism is dynamic and, although the overall change in the last three years has been minimal, there have been sharp rises and falls in terrorism in many countries during this period, notably Niger, Myanmar and Iraq.

Globally, the deadliest terrorist group last year was Islamic State (IS), with 1,045 attributed deaths and 644 people injured in a recorded 410 attacks.


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