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Chuck Norris posits explanation for ‘why he is having these bizarre freezing episodes’

I am no medical doctor, nor am I pretending to be. But anyone who knows me knows that I have been passionate about health, fitness and nutrition for more than 70 years.

I know what good research is, and I think I found a medical thread and clinical evidence that might be the cause behind Joe Biden’s brain breakdowns.

The whole world knows now about Biden’s disastrous debate with former President Donald Trump.

Biden boasted months ago, “Watch me!” to prove his mental competency and dexterity. We did on debate night, and it was nothing short of a self-induced train wreck.

It was not just a “really bad night” as Biden explained to George Stephanopoulos last Friday. It was another clear 90-minute example that Biden’s brain is rapidly deteriorating and is jeopardizing U.S. national security by keeping him in the most powerful position in the world.

In Biden’s first interview since his debate, one that was supposed to explain why he performed so badly, the president’s “straight” answer to Stephanopoulos seemed as dazed and confused as a drunk on New Year’s Eve:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, what I’m try – what I want to get at is, what were you experiencing as you were going through the debate? Did you know how badly it was going?
    BIDEN: Yeah, look. The whole way I prepared, nobody’s fault, mine. Nobody’s fault but mine. I, uh – I prepared what I usually would do, sitting down as I did come back with foreign leaders or National Security Council for explicit detail. And I realized – about partway through that, you know, all – I get quoted, The New York Times had me down at 10 points before the debate, nine now, or whatever the hell it is. The fact of the matter is, what I looked at is that he also lied 28 times. I couldn’t – I mean, the way the debate ran, not – my fault, no one else’s fault, no one else’s fault.

What type of coherent answer was that?! And he wants to remain in the Oval Office as the commander in chief for the next four-plus years?!

When the editorial team at the liberal New York Times, the typical bastion of Biden’s media advocacy, asks him to resign from the presidential race and then publishes a damning report with dozens of examples of mental decompensation, “Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome,” you know Joe needs far more than a java fix!

In a Daily Mail pre-debate June report, trying to answer why Biden keeps having these “bizarre freezing episodes” where he seems stiff as a statue and lost for minutes at a time, the publication cited the most recent (February 2024) presidential health report: “The report detailed several medical conditions the president has, including sleep apnea, acid reflux, an irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, seasonal allergies, arthritis and nerve damage in his feet.”

That “nerve damage in his feet” might seem the most benign among his ailments at first glance, but the rabbit trail might actually lead right to Biden’s deteriorating brain and may answer why he is having these bizarre freezing episodes.

It started with Biden’s November 2021 health report. His presidential physician discovered “a new finding [that did] reveal a mild peripheral neuropathy in both feet. He did not demonstrate any motor weakness, but a subtle difference in heat/cold sensation and great toe proprioception could be elicited.”

By his February 2023 exam, the physician again reported, “The President was demonstrating a perceptibly stiffened ambulatory gait” as in his 2021 exam. “This exam did again support a mild peripheral neuropathy in both feet. He did not demonstrate any motor weakness, but a subtle difference in heat/cold sensation could be elicited.”

By Biden’s February 2024 exam, his physician reported: “This exam did again support a finding of peripheral neuropathy in both feet….a subtle difference in heat/cold sensation could be elicited as it was last year. This heat/cold sensation deficit was detected a couple inches higher on his ankle/calf this year. …”

So, what is peripheral neuropathy?

The Mayo Clinic explained that:

    Peripheral neuropathy happens when the nerves that are located outside of the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves) are damaged. This condition often causes weakness, numbness and pain, usually in the hands and feet. It also can affect other areas and body functions including digestion and urination.
    The peripheral nervous system sends information from the brain and spinal cord, also called the central nervous system, to the rest of the body through motor nerves. The peripheral nerves also send sensory information to the central nervous system through sensory nerves.
    Peripheral neuropathy can result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes and exposure to toxins.

Here’s the medical kicker – or coup de grâce – about peripheral neuropathy, according to the American Academy of Neurology. A clinical study in the May 2022 edition of the Journal of Neurology on “Association of Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerve Impairment and the Risk of Dementia in Black and White Older Adults” by Willa D. Brenowitz, Ph.D., MPH, Nathaniel M. Robbins, M.D., Elsa S. Strotmeyer, Ph.D., MPH, and Kristine Yaffe, M.D., emphatically concluded:

    Evidence is emerging that lower extremity peripheral nerve impairments are associated with and may even precede dementia. This has been demonstrated clinically: slowed walking speed and poor gait have been shown to predict dementia, and motor and sensory impairments have been associated with Alzheimer disease. …
    Peripheral nerve impairments may also be associated with dementia through effects on mobility, underlying frailty, or impaired central sensory processing. Peripheral nerve impairments are independently associated with poorer quadriceps and muscle strength, worse lower extremity physical function, and mobility disability. Poor physical functioning and mobility (key aspects of physical frailty) are in turn strong predictors of accelerated cognitive decline, cognitive frailty, and increased risk of dementia. It is possible that peripheral nerve impairments contribute to and are influenced by physical frailty, thus increasing risk for cognitive frailty and in turn dementia.

Is it just a coincidence that the last three years of Biden’s medical reports have detailed an increased and noticeable “lower extremity peripheral nerve impairments” and at the same time he has demonstrated signs of cognitive decline, frailty, impairment, dementia and Alzheimer disease?

Is it just a coincidence that Biden’s presidential physicians have avoided giving him any form of cognitive test in all three of his most recent annual presidential medical exams? Is that not a sign that they are politically and medically covering up for him?

Mr. Biden, there is no longer any excuse or justification for avoiding cognitive and neurological testing. What are you afraid of or hiding from the American public?

Even the lead medical consultant at CNN, Dr. Sanja Gupta, said it is high time for Biden “to undergo detailed cognitive and neurological testing and share his results,” ending everyone’s doubt once and for all, regardless what it turns up.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

As the saying goes, if it walks like duck, talks like duck and acts like a duck … it’s a brain disorder.

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