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GERMANY-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM-FESTIVAL-BERLINALEActor John Cusack is the latest celebrity to rage against the Democratic machine, posting a lengthy rant Monday on Twitter.

Cusack’s post focused on how liberals and neoliberals have cultivated “the precise conditions for fascism to flourish.” He called out Obama corporate Democrats, who he says “are to the right of Richard Nixon on domestic policy,” and challenged anyone who doesn’t believe him to “look it up.”

“Dems have sold out the working class for decades,” he continued. He said the Democrat’s “bought and paid-for betrayals of principals, fairness” is standard for the political group, who are devoid of moral and intellectual honesty.

He accused the Democrats of “brutal selfish horrific actions … because they can get away it.” Cusack realizes the reason the Democrats can get away with their anti-working class policies is because they’re all in bed together and with the same big-money players.

“This kind of staggering amoral bullshit … is one of the main reasons (yes there are others) [Trump’s] demagoguery works on people. The democratic elite ARE full of shit,” he stated.

It seems like Cusack’s rage stemmed from a Jacobin article about former President Obama’s former Supreme Court lawyer and a Louisiana Democrat allegedly using a bizarre corporate taxation case to try and make federal wealth tax illegal before it technically exists.

Cusack is the latest to point a finger at the corruption of Democrat elites in America. In May, James Van Der Beek went on an iconic rant about how the Democratic National Committee is going to make President Joe Biden an “illegitimate president” should they refuse to allow his primary competitors to challenge his presidency.

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