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Hezbollah’s use of drones is a nightmare for Israel’s defenses. Difficult to track and identify, these drones can overwhelm and evade even the most advanced air defense systems. This threat was realized on Sunday when more than a dozen IDF soldiers were injured in a drone attack. 

Bloomberg reported on Sunday that 18 soldiers were injured in a drone attack by Hezbollah. The drone assault in the northern Golan Heights comes as the Israel-Hamas conflict appears to be broadening. 

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled the area between southern Lebanon and northern Israel due to skirmishes between IDF soldiers and Hezbollah fighters.

According to Yoni Tobin, an analyst for the hawkish think tank Jewish Institute for National Security of America, which has ties to Israel’s government and military, the Iran-backed terror group launched at least 130 suicide drones at Israel in June. Since the war began, the group launched 390 drones at Israel. The outbreak started in October of last year. 

“Hezbollah’s drones pose serious threats to Israel, given the size of these arsenals, the drones’ maneuverability, payloads, accuracy, and range, and Hezbollah’s domestic manufacturing capability,” Tobin wrote in a report

He said Hezbollah has at least 2,000 drones, mostly the Ababil-T suicide drone. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has suggested the group can manufacture drones and replenish stockpiles. 

The analyst pointed out that the built-in GPS systems of these kamikaze drones allow for a “high degree of accuracy” when navigating the modern battlefield. He noted that Hezbollah’s Iran-made Ababil and Shahed-129 drones have a range of over 100 kilometers and up to 1,800 kilometers, respectively. 

The threat range of the drones shows that conflict areas could easily spill over across the region. 

This week, Bloomberg spoke with Western officials who said China and Russia are working together to develop an attack drone similar to Iran’s Shahed drone. 

Tobin ended the note, explaining, “The United States should expeditiously provide Israel with all weapons systems, including Iron Dome kinetic interceptors and newer-model Apache combat helicopters, needed to intercept incoming Hezbollah drones.” 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel as it continues to battle Hamas. Axios reported last week that Biden’s team will be releasing 500-pound bombs that were put on hold in April.  

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Biden administration of withholding weapons transfers to Israel, in violation of stated promises that Washington would remove all restrictions on arms deliveries.

None of this indicates that peace is on the horizon. The world remains in turmoil while elderly President Biden likely enjoys his ice cream while members of his own party call for him to step down.


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