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Former President Donald Trump and the traditionally liberal from San Fransisco are combining forces to win him the White House in what amounts to be the greatest political shift in 2024.

The upcoming presidential election was sure to create interesting bedfellows. However, Trump courting and winning the approval of Silicon Valley titans was not one most people expected to see. Still, this alliance will help keep Trump’s campaign cash flowing and could help him win back the presidency in 2024.

It’s hard to blame these people for supporting Republicans. Over the last decade or more, they’ve watched the left turn San Francisco from one of America’s most beautiful cities ripe with economic potential brought in by their business ventures into a wasteland of drugs and violent crime. It doesn’t matter how far out you move from the city proper; the crime migrates with them.

David Sacks, a venture capitalist at Craft Ventures and co-founder of GlueAI and SaaSGrid, held a fundraiser for Trump with other Silicon Valley elite and wrote an extensive list on Twitter of why he is now endorsing Trump over President Biden and Robert Kennedy Jr.

“Over the last couple of years, I have hosted events for presidential candidates Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as several Congressional figures in both major parties. I give to many, but endorse few,” Sacks said. “But today I am giving my endorsement to our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, to be our 47th President. My reasons rest on four main issues that I think are vital to American prosperity, security, and stability – issues where the Biden administration has veered badly off course and where I believe President Trump can lead us back.”

His list included the economy and foreign policy, with a notable inclusion of the Ukraine War, the border, and the Democrats’ lawfare against Trump and his supporters.

The Economy:

“As a result of Biden’s inflation, average Americans have lost roughly a fifth of their purchasing power over the last few years. Moreover, any American who needs a mortgage, car loan, or credit card debt faces much higher interest costs, which further constrain their purchasing power,” Sacks said. “Growth has already slowed from 3.4 percent in the last quarter of 2023 to an anemic 1.3 percent in the first quarter of this year. We can’t afford another four years of Bidenomics.”

Prices have surged under Biden. Since he took office, his policies have resulted in inflation reaching a 20.1% non-seasonally adjusted price hike, according to May data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED). Just in the last year, Americans have seen inflation rise by 3.3%.

Foreign Policy:

“President Trump left office with ISIS defeated, the Abraham Accords signed, and no new wars raging on the global stage. Three and a half years later, the world is on fire. President Biden has made several strategic choices that have contributed to this situation,” Sacks said.

He added that Biden’s “biggest blunder by far has been in Ukraine,” but that our options on the world stage widen under Trump, who has promised to end “the dying in Ukraine” and “save Ukraine as an independent nation” to “avert world war.”

Nothing speaks to how far the U.S. has fallen more than Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it will no longer use the U.S. dollar to sell oil and will not renew the 50-year ‘petro-dollar’ agreement. Or the fact that Russian nuclear warships are positioned near Cuba, mear miles from the U.S. coast.

Under Biden, the U.S. moves closer to World War III, ending our reign as a superpower nation.

The Border: 

“What Biden ushered in was a de facto open border policy,” Sacks said. “President Biden (along with the hapless Kamala Harris and the malevolent Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas) responded to growing concerns by gaslighting the American public, saying there was no problem at the border despite constant videos of masses of people sprinting across it.”

“When the situation became too dire to ignore or deny, Biden claimed he didn’t have the executive authority to do anything about it and blamed Republicans for not sending him legislation. But this week, facing abysmal polling numbers on this issue, Biden suddenly discovered he has executive authority after all. The order he signed is a tepid, too-little-too-late effort to slow the tidal wave of illegal immigration in time for the election. But Biden has shown he is not serious on this issue. If he wins a second term, the open border policy will resume, and tens of millions more illegals will stream across the border,” he added.

Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin reported this week that a new memo sent to border agents in the San Diego sector after President Biden’s executive order took effect instructed them to continue to release single adults into the U.S.

“Bottom line in the short term: Mass catch [and] release continues for illegal immigrants in San Diego sector, who continue pouring in from all around the globe,” Melugin reported.

“A bedrock of the political stability we’ve enjoyed in America over the last 250 years is that we don’t accept attempts to jail political opponents in order to win an election. Yet Biden has pushed for selective and unprecedented prosecutions of his once and future opponent from the moment he assumed office,” Sacks said.

He added that after Merrick Garland declined to prosecute Trump, Jack Smith and Alvin Bragg “have pursued cases based on novel legal theories heretofore unseen and designed to get Trump.”

“President Biden keeps insisting that a return of President Trump to the White House threatens democracy. But his administration is the one that has colluded with tech platforms to censor the Internet, used the intelligence community to cover up his son Hunter’s laptop, and pursued elective prosecutions against his political opponents,” he said.

Americans have watched the rule of law over the last four years be subverted and contorted by Democrats to end Trump’s campaign. They want him jailed because they see him as a threat to their version of “democracy.” Instead of letting the voters decide if Trump deserves a second term, Democrats are ensuring it never gets that far.

In conclusion, Sack said that Americans have now experienced what life is like under Biden and Trump, and the obvious answer is that Trump is a better fit.

“In tech, we call this an A/B test. With respect to economic policy, foreign policy, border policy, and legal fairness, Trump performed better. He is the President who deserves a second term,” he wrote.

Eoghan McCabe, CEO and founder of Intercom and participant at the Silicon Valley fundraiser for Trump, said Sacks wasn’t alone in his thesis that Trump should be the next president. McCabe posted a picture of him and Trump from the fundraiser, calling it a “fun night … in SF.”

“I spoke with 6 people there. None identified as Republican. All voted or donated Democrat in the past. Now they’re backing this guy for his policies on war, immigration, crypto, and more. This election is a referendum on those issues,” McCabe said.

Trump raised $12 million at the event, where tickets started at $50,000 and some cost as much as $500,000. Big Silicon Valley names were in attendance, including Palantir adviser Jacob Helberg and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

Sequoia partner Shaun Maguire told his Twitter followers that he donated $300,000 to the Trump campaign after his New York conviction. Fellow Sequoia partner billionaire Doug Leone also said he supports Trump’s presidential bid.

It’s not just Silicon Valley. Trump has received endorsements and donations from several top hedge fund managers. Still, while big money is behind Trump, he also earned the lion’s share of small-dollar donations. Pro-Trump Super Pacs received $370 million in donations after the Bragg trial.

The tide is turning for Trump, and his alliance with Silicon Valley gives him a fighting chance to overtake Biden in November.

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