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By Greg Hunter

Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts in a New York court on Thursday.  The judge gave some cartoon-like jury instructions, and many are saying that this fact alone will be grounds for reversing these convictions.  How long will this take?  Will there be an emergency appeal to the US Supreme Court?  Will they jail Trump?  Will they get desperate enough to kill him?  Is this the kind of thing the Democrats feel they must do if Joe Biden’s areal approval rating is just under 8%?  (Yes, this is the real number, according to Martin Armstrong and another confidential source I know personally.)

While everybody was in shock that Donald Trump was convicted in an obvious attempt to rig the 2024 Election, President Biden greenlighted Ukraine to fire US made missiles into Russia.  This is a huge escalation!!!  “It pushes the US closer to WWIII than it has ever been before,” according to WNW guest/analyst John Rubino.

Rubino gives his take on the timing of Biden’s approval of US weapons to be shot into Russian territory at the very hour the Trump guilty verdict was put out.  This was done on purpose, according to Rubino, and he will tell you why the Biden Administration did this.  Rubino thinks this is the big story that was covered up by the Trump court news.  This should terrify all Americans.  Rubino also thinks this 34-count felony conviction is going to “backfire big time on the Democrats.”   




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