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Former President Donald Trump is … taking the high road, or at least the smart path.

Since last week’s Presidential debate, the Democrats are in a doom spiral. Their candidate, President Joe Biden, lost the faith of the American people that he was mentally capable of handling the job for another four years.

While conservative media have been honest with their readers that Biden was suffering from cognitive loss, regime media has made it their mission to run cover. Still, Biden’s performance in Atlanta was so bad that they could no longer deny or outright lie about his mental state.

Immediately following the debate, every pundit from the elite ruling class began to call for Biden to drop out. The writing was on the wall. In their view, Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump in November. For the most part, Trump has stayed out of the fight. Minus a few memes and videos directly after the debate, he’s stayed pretty silent on Biden’s mental decline—a narrative he frequently hit before.

It’s the likely result of two reasons.

First, Trump knows that his best chance at winning back the White House in 2024 is having Biden as his opponent. Right now, the Republican Party has successfully made Biden the face of the country’s problems. He’s the reason people can’t afford groceries, gas, and utility bills. It’s because of Biden that we are closer to World War III and why the southern border is overrun with illegal immigration.

If Trump supports removing Biden or even slightly codifies the Democrats’ coup against him because of his age, it will only help them install someone with less baggage. In an ironic turn of events, Trump needs Biden to be on the ticket. This is not to say that Trump couldn’t beat another Democrat. It’s just that it becomes harder to shift the narrative that is already perfectly placed on Biden’s shoulders.

Second, Trump has become highly disciplined. He’s still the same charismatic New Yorker who rode down the escalator in 2015, but now he has added a bit of restraint to his repertoire. The American people saw this in the CNN debate. He gave Biden as much rope as he needed to hang himself. In 2020, he would interrupt at times when, if he had stayed silent, it would have exposed Biden. His interjections saved Biden in a way.

Trump’s silence is aiding him in a big way. Let the Democrats fight it out. Allow them to bruise and bloody Biden’s reputation. This is a gift he has never been afforded since running for office. It’s always been Trump and his supporters against the world. But now, he doesn’t have to say anything.

All Trump has to do is let the Democrat-controlled media debate Biden’s cognitive issues, sully him to his voters, and then swing in as the victor without ever having to bloody his knuckles.

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