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If you have a very special delivery to make, here’s just the vehicle for it.

It’s a 1983 postal Jeep that’s been ever so slightly modified from its original form. Featured on, the red, white and blue parcel carrier rides on a frame that’s been stretched to accommodate a pair of Chevy 350 V8 engines with Holley carbs that somehow get their power all the way back to the Jeep Cherokee axle in the rear through a three-speed Chevrolet manual transmission. It also has front disc brakes and power steering, controlled from the seat on the right, of course.

Despite its elongated appearance, the owner says it’s only as long as a compact pickup, but certainly gets more attention than one. The “Never Underestimate a Motivated Redneck” decal on the rear window is an almost requisite touch.

The very unique creation is listed on Craigslist in Chesapeake, Va., for $15,000. Delivery not included.

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