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The new leftist British Prime Minister Sir Kier Starmer has on day one of his premiership scrapped a scheme to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda which was devised by the previous Conservative government but never properly implemented.

Starmer’s Labour party had promised to kill off the ill conceived mess of a ‘solution’ to hordes of small boat migrants washing up on English shores, and he has indeed done so, reports the Telegraph.

The Rwanda scheme was first touted by Boris Johnson’s government, then continued to be bandied around under subsequent Prime Ministers Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. However, it was proven to be toothless empty rhetoric, with not one single illegal immigrant being deported under the program.

Despite that, British taxpayers were charged to the tune of £270 million… for nothing.

The Labour government’s new Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, has declared that one of the first duties will be to “keep our borders secure” and that she would prioritise creating a new Border Security Command.

No one is holding their breath though, given that the leftist Party is extremely pro immigration.

Still, things surely cannot get any worse than under the last Conservative government, which made Tony Blair’s relaxed immigration policy look positively isolationist.

Labour won the UK election this past week with an estimated vote share of just 34 percent, yet they now have 64 percent of the parliamentary seats under the first past the post political system.

All in all, around 80 per cent of UK citizens did not vote for this Labour government:

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