9NEWS’ Chris Vanderveen reports United flight 328 has returned to Denver International Airport after passengers heard a “loud bang.” 

Vanderveen tweeted: 

“Just spoke to passenger on United flight that had to turn around after passengers heard a “loud bang”. Flight was able to return to DIA. No injuries immediately reported on board. Plane was headed to Honolulu according to passenger.”

He also tweeted a video from a passenger during landing. The video clearly shows the engine sustained damage. 

Twitter user Kieran Cain posted a picture of the “giant metal engine piece just landed in this Broomfield person’s yard after a plane flying over experienced explosion.”

More images of the metal engine part.

One Twitter user allegedly shows a video of the plane returning to Denver International Airport.

 Broomfield Police told 9NEWS “metal parts fell from the sky on Saturday, possibly from a passing aircraft in the the Broomfield area.”  

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