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‘I see a dead campaign’

Nikki Haley appears during the cold open of 'Saturday Night Live' on Feb. 3, 2024.

Nikki Haley

Donald Trump wasted no time this weekend responding to Nikki Haley’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” where she trashed the former president.

Just minutes after the 11:30 p.m. cold open of the comedy show featuring a sketch of a fictitious CNN town hall with the real-life Haley posing questions, Trump posted a montage of Nikki’s actual double-minded stances on a variety of serious issues.

Haley posted the “SNL” clip of herself on X, with a caption stating: “‘I see dead people.’ That’s exactly what voters will think if this race is between Trump and Biden in the fall.”

“Had a blast tonight on SNL! Know it was past Donald’s bedtime so looking forward to the stream of unhinged tweets in the a.m.”

Trump’s response came on Truth Social within the hour of the NBC broadcast, simply saying, “Tricky Nikki” above the video of Haley’s astonishing flip-flops.

Some responses online to Haley’s tweet of her TV appearance include:

“Tell me you’re Democrat without telling me.”

“Tip to Nikki: Donald Trump rarely talks about you. In the meantime, you obsess over him 24/7. And not a good look to be embraced by the SNL leftists. We get you are a Democrat, but it’s a Republican Primary you are running in.”

Nikki Haley is continuing to insult the elderly in a sad way to try and insult President Trump. This is extremely hypocritical considering how upset she was when Don Lemon said she was ‘past her prime.’ Haley is alienating more voters and will suffer for it politically.”

“You had a blast helping radical liberal Democrats on SNL who hate everything you stand for, bash the leader of the Republican party. This is why you’re down by 40 points in your home state.”

“So it’s official, the Democrats have chosen Nikki as Biden’s replacement?”

“The fact that war hawk Nikki Haley is still running for president is a better joke than this SNL skit with her in it.”

“Well … I see a dead campaign.”



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