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Motions were pending to challenge certification of Biden as president

A sparse and socially distanced audience at the inauguration of President Joe Biden at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2021. (Video screenshot)

The congressional certification of Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential race was accomplished in the dark of night after the so-called “riot” happened at the U.S. Capitol and members of Congress reconvened.

Now a report on the Conservative Treehouse website explains it had to happen that way – no matter what any supporters of President Trump may or may not have done that day.

The short explanation is that since there were multiple motions pending before Congress on challenges to the election results, had the event proceeded routinely, they would have been considered, and Congress would have been required to debate them.

The results could have been catastrophic for Joe Biden.

In order to dispense with those motion without having them considered, Congress had to be in an “emergency” session, which was provided for by the reaction to the protesters at the Capitol, the report explains.

The posting explains questions about that day include: “The FBI and government apparatus had advanced knowledge of the scale of the J6 mall assembly yet doing nothing? Why were the Capitol Hill police never informed of the FBI concerns? Why didn’t House Speaker Nancy Pelosi secure the Capitol Hill complex, and why did she deny the request by President Trump to call up the national guard for security support? Why did the FBI have agent provocateurs in the crowd, seemingly stimulating rage within a peaceful crowd to enter the Capitol building? There have always been these nagging questions around ‘why’?”

Cited is longtime Conservative Treehouse reader “Regitiger” who offered the analysis that suggests a “federal government motive to create a J6 crisis that permitted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to trigger an emergency session and avoid the 2020 election certification challenges.”

Those challenges were known about well in advance of that day, and even if they had been voted down, could have provided a legal standing for subsequent judicial cases, the report said.

“The certification during ’emergency session’ eliminated the problem,” the report explained, of a Donald Trump who could not and would not be controlled by the Deep State in Washington.

The analysis pointed out that House members were “informed” of a protest “literally three minutes before two representatives issued a vote for motions to suspend the certification.”At that point, key leaders, Pelosi, Pence, Schumer, McConnell all were escorted out.

“This effectively halted the entire chamber process,” the analysis said. And it precluded the otherwise looming requirement to “look into voting irregularities and fraud.”

At least two motions would have required the House to halt the process and vote on the concerns.

“It was important to remove that process entirely and continue the fraud and certify the fraud with no detractors on record. This effectively gives no standing for a SCOTUS ruling appeal! Understand this. If those two motions, even just one had successfully been voted EVEN IF THE MOTIONS were DENIED IN VOTE, this gives those who presented them with STANDING FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL ARGUMENT BEFORE SCOTUS,” the analysis determined.

Preventing those motions required key leaders of Congress to “NOT BE PRESENT” and the only way to accomplish that was to have a “crisis” looming, the analysis said.

It explained, “The crisis was created because there is no other way to suspend the business of certification UNILATERALLY. By creating a crisis invokes emergency procedures. No other circumstances other than war or mass simultaneous explosive diarrhea can create such unilateral speaker delivered suspension of the certification.”

Then Pelosi re-started Congress late that night “under special emergency rules. These rules abandon and make it clear that the ONLY purpose of the new session was to EXPEDITE the certification and dismiss all prior regular session procedural rules. This is why those two motions to table votes to consider a debate and pause to the certifications of state vote electors never happened later that evening when the House business was reconvened!”

It noted that Pence technically was correct that he would not even consider challenges to the certification “because there were no motions of disagreements on the matter.”

Vice President Mike Pence presides over a joint session of Congress to count electoral votes for president on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2020. (Video screenshot)

Vice President Mike Pence presides over a joint session of Congress to count electoral votes for president on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2020. (Video screenshot)

The Conservative Treehouse report noted the result that the challenge motions never reached the House floor, and under emergency rules, “were not even attempted.”

In fact, the report said had there not been an emergency, Pence had “the duty to address the motion in the same sense that it becomes vital to the debate clause.”

Removing all the related arguments and questions, the report said, “There are two possibilities: Millions of people, against all the odds, hitting all-time records even past Obama and Clinton, voted for a naval-gazing ambulatory pathological racist moron. And chose Joe Malarkey as their leader. Or this was a coup, a conspiracy, and a treasonous manipulation regime change because President Trump could not be controlled by the deep state and globalists who OWN AND OPERATE WASHINGTON DC.”

It was the Daily Signal that separately reported that objections to election certifications fall under an 1887 law.

The report said, “An objection must be declared in writing by a House member and signed by at least one senator for any particular state as an attempt to prevent certification. As was the case in past years, an objection requires sponsorship from both chambers. If an objection is filed with support from at least one member from each chamber, then the proceedings would stop and both the House and the Senate would be required to debate the objection for two hours. A Republican-controlled Senate and a Democrat-controlled House would have to agree on disregarding a state.”

The report, before the Jan. 6 events, said that could, at a minimum, “potentially buy time for the Trump campaign legal team to produce more evidence of alleged election fraud, whether that’s actual voter fraud or whether a jurisdiction obeyed the law regarding election administration. The Trump campaign has made challenges on both fronts.”

In fact, had the results from just a couple of states been disqualified, Joe Biden’s Electoral College vote total would have fallen below the required 270, and the election then would have been turned over to the House, with each state getting one vote. At that time, the GOP represented a majority of the states, and that vote would have returned Trump to the White House.

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