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Authored by Denes Albert via ReMix News,

Arguably Germany’s most famous currently serving mayor, Tübingen’s Boris Palmer, has attributed the success of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party among young voters to the consequences of mass migration, which have transformed the school.

“They experience what irregular migration means on a daily basis,” Palmer wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“Above all, the young men who have arrived alone are changing the living environment of young people. In the park, in the club, on the street, on the bus, at the train station, in the schoolyard,” he added.

Notably, Palmer was once a Green party mayor, but as he became known more and more for his outspokenness against mass immigration and other political taboos, the party worked to eject him. Nevertheless, he remained so popular with the people of his city that they elected him as an unaffiliated mayor, which means he is running Tübingen independent of any political party.

He warned that anyone who is in contact with young people in Germany knows that they repeatedly note “their fear of migrants’ propensity for violence,” but that this view is not taken seriously or “discredited as racism.”

Palmer’s assertion is backed by the country’s own crime data from the federal interior ministry, which shows that violent crime hit record highs in 2023, with foreigners producing six out of 10 violent crimes. His point about migrant violence on trains is also backed by data as well. In regard to the school system, the deleterious effect migrants are having, including in terms of violence, is an open topic in the German media.

Furthermore, Palmer points to the “dogmas of wokeness and open borders,” which do not match the reality of young people’s lives.

As a result, “they are reorienting themselves and voting for a party that at least doesn’t dismiss their concerns as bad and wrong from the outset.”

Palmer claims that the AfD will not “solve the problem” and says that most young people are not “stupid enough” to believe the AfD can do this. However, these young people will not vote for parties that attempt to label them as racist or as part of the problem.

He said that the left is also harming the cause of climate protection, as they link the struggle against climate change to the struggle against the right, including with activists such as Luisa Neubauer.

“This is gambling away the social majorities for climate protection, even among young people,” said Palmer.

The AfD surged to become the second-largest German party in the EU parliament after Sunday’s EU elections, jumping to 16 percent of the vote. The AfD has promised to deport millions of migrants, combat migrant crime, and secure the German school system.

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