Mike Adams

We’ve posted a jaw-dropping lecture by researcher Paul Schreyer who has exposed the entire “simulation” of covid, including the rehearsals and role playing actors who were activated and are today’s actual governors, health dept. officials and government advisors.

Also, we’re now learning that Canada is pushing to force mandatory vaccines on everyone. In Washington State, they’ve just announced a new law that will unleash strike force teams to kidnap the unvaccinated and throw them into covid concentration camps against their will.

In my weekend podcast, I asked, “How far will they take the vaccine tyranny?” All the way, of course. Including dragging people out of their homes and sentencing them to death on covid camps.

Hear that short podcast here.

Also, in 2019, before covid, I made several astonishing predictions in front of a live audience in Missouri. We now have the highlights of that speech entitled, “Oblivion Agenda.”


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