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Aims crackdown at groups ‘linked’ to Russia

Banned! That soon could be the status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.


The government there has confirmed plans to draw up a law banning churches that are “affiliated” with Russia.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims the move is required to “prevent Moscow being able to ‘weaken Ukraine from within,’” according to multiple reports.

There have been claims from that nation’s National Security and Defense Council that some of the churches in Ukraine are “taking orders” from Moscow.

Some of those locations even have been “raided” already.

Reuters is reporting that there is suspicion some locations are involved in “subversive activities of Russian special services in the religious environment of Ukraine.

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The government in Ukraine also claims some church locations are coordinating a pro-Moscow information campaign.

According to a report at Gateway Pundit, Zelenskyy already has banned opposition parties and seized their property.

”Zelenskyy also closed all of the TV stations and consolidated them into one state-run channel,” the report said.

”Ukraine has had to take extraordinary measures to fight Russia’s invasion. Among them, the government has consolidated the country’s television outlets and dissolved rival political parties. It says it needs to do this to maintain a united front in fighting Russia,” NPR reported.

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