Allen West: In 28 days, Hillary will be FORCED to answer this

Editors Note:"Will anyone in this present presidential election cycle address these issues? Hillary Clinton is incapable of doing so but will be forced to do so soon."Allen West: In 28 days, Hillary will be FORCED to answer thisKNOWLEDGE IS POWER. JOIN US Stay Informed: 

By Allen B. West

I love it when I get the Obama talking points. You know, the ones that drone on about the low unemployment rate and all the private sector jobs created. It’s funny — those talking points never address debt, deficits, GDP/economic growth, national security, and especially foreign policy. You never hear the progressive socialist left speak about the declining global security situation since the arrival of Barack Obama.

Well, never fear. That topic is being discussed elsewhere. And in just 28 days, during the first presidential debate, you can bet it will be front and center.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “After nearly eight years in office, most observers would conclude that President Barack Obama has done little to advance, and may well have undermined, American interests in the Middle East. 

While he would tout the Iran nuclear deal as perhaps his greatest foreign policy achievement, a debatable proposition in itself, the region is embroiled in a series of crises the current administration seems unable to address or understand.

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