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Senator Tom Cotton Rips the NY Times for Latest Lies

The New York Times has hit a severe rough patch in recent days with their decision to publish various stories propped up by anonymous sources that keep seeming to get things wrong. Just last week former FBI Director James Comey called some of the reporting...

Only Trump can Solve the Susan Rice “Unmasking” Conundrum

This past week we learned that the National Security Counsel (NSC) was unable to hand over the documents that would show who was wrongfully “unmasked” by Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice. The NSC had been hemming and hawing for...

Nancy Pelosi Invokes God to Defend the Murder of Children

A  few weeks ago we told you House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had argued that President Trump’s decision to pull our nation out of the corrupt Paris Climate Accord was somehow dishonoring to God. She made the argument with a straight face, and we...

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