Ban Koran

When we exchanged Jews for Muslims, we exchanged culture for fanaticism, wealth creation for voluntary destruction, intelligence for superstition.


Faith Freedom I walked down the Boulevard of the Raval in Barcelona and I clearly understood the Spanish proverb: “The truth marries with nobody.” We assassinated upwards of 6 million Jews only to end up importing 20 million, in general, unified Muslims.

Isn’t it impossible to generalize? Well, in view of the things that have happened to us since [the Madrid bombings] I believe that, yes, it is possible to generalize. What if there are exceptions? I agree there are exceptions, but they are exceptions.

For the rest, in general, it must be said that in Auschwitz we burned the culture, intelligence, and the capacity to create wealth; we burned the people of the world, those proclaiming themselves the chosen people of God, because they had provided to Humanity the greater minds that were able to change the course of history, (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud), and great moments of progress and well-being.

And, it is also fair to say that the result of relaxing the borders, the cultural relativism, and the values under the absurd pretext of tolerance has been that Europe has allowed 20 million Muslims, illiterate and often fanatical, to immigrate. In one of the greatest expressions of being taken for granted, as it is said on the Boulevard of the Raval, the poverty of the third world and the ghetto have been brought here, and in the worst case, to prepare attacks like those of Manhattan and Madrid under the official protection that we provide them daily.

The instinct of beating the Jews, who, neither in the worst conditions imaginable, have themselves tired – never – of wanting a better, peaceful world, we have exchanged for the suicidal impulse. We have exchanged the portable wealth of diamonds for the Palestinian stones to be used against any intent of peace.

We have exchanged the pride to survive for the fanatics obsessional pursuit of death for themselves, for us, and for our children.

What a mistake we have made!


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