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by BareNakedIslam


The brutal gang rape was filmed and later spread on social media by the perpetrators.

UK Daily Mail The married Ethiopian woman was just 18 years old, and three months pregnant, when she was subjected to the attack in August last year. She says she was searching for a new home in Omdurman, near the capital Khartoum, and one of the seven accused lured her into an empty property on the premises of renting it out to her and her husband.

She was attacked and held down while a group of men, reportedly aged between 18 and 22, took turns in raping her, according to the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) network. Her ordeal was filmed by one of the perpetrators and was circulated on social media via WhatsApp several months after the attack.


When the video of the rape surfaced, the woman and the alleged rapists were arrested and accused of making and distributing indecent material and indecent behavior. After first being denied bail, and later charged with prostitution and adultery, the woman is now being prevented from making a formal complaint of rape.

Sudanese media reporting the case has tried to undermine the woman’s story by claiming she has HIV and is a prostitute, SIHA said. ’The intention to place culpability on the part of the victim is of great concern and seeks to deflect and reduce accountability of the perpetrators, but more disturbing is that the charge of adultery carries with it the potential sentence of death by stoning if found guilty,’ SIHA said.


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